Hi, my name is

Gary Peng

Maker, Computer Science student @ Georgia Tech



Python, JavaScript | React, Flask, SQL, Redis, FastAI, PyTorch, Docker

A platform that leverages machine learning and crowdsourcing to help pathologists make diagnoses.

Web App
Chore Bot

JavaScript | Node.js, Express, GroupMe API

A chatbot that automatically assigns chores to roommates and sends reminders.

NFT Highlights

JavaScript | React, Stellar blockchain

Developed a Chrome extension that allows content creators to sell NFTs of livestream clips and viewers to buy them.

Gerogia Tech Meal Planner

JavaScript | React, Node.js, Express

An app that helps Georgia Tech students make weekly dining hall meal plans based on fitness goals and dietary restrictions.

Web AppGithub
Grocery Grab

Java | Android Studio, ARCore, NCR APIs

Reimagining retail shopping with pathfinding, mobile checkout, and Augmented Reality in the COVID era. A mobile app that minimizes interpersonal contact and time in store, ensuring more safe customers.

Face Mask Detection

Python | OpenCV, Clarifai

Detect anti-maskers and people who wear masks below the nose.


Java | Android Studio

A noninvasive approach to COVID contact tracing using a hassle-free social networking app that prioritizes private group connections between workers or students.


C++ | 3D Printing, PCB Design, Microcontroller

An intuitive and compact device that helps the visually impaired learn braille.


C++ | 3D Printing, PCB Design, Microcontroller

A focus tool for the digital age.

AC Daddy

Java, C++ | Android Studio, Particle API, Firebase, 3D Printing, Microcontroller

Achieve thermostatic control, remote control, and temperature scheduling with dormitory air conditioners.

Hand Gesture Smart Light Control

C++ | LIFX API, LAN Protocol (UDP), 3D Printing, Microcontroller

Controlling smart light and other internet-connected devices with hand gesture recognition.

Smart 3D Printer Emission Monitor

C++ | Particle API, 3D Printing, Microcontroller

Monitor the emission of toxic chemicals from 3D Printing and warn the user of potential dangers.


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